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The Lamp publishes high-quality graduate student writing, from poetry to prose. The stories contained within this journal tackle issues such as mental health, gender, sexuality, individuality and personal identity, familial relationships, death and loss, and much more. Come join us and submerge into The Lamp's ninth volume! 


Chapter One: Backdrop, Jesyka Traynor
Gander Take-Off, David Eso
The Prairie Scene, Mitchell Gunn
Carcass, Andrea C. Sandeen
Ouroboros, Helen Steadman

Chapter Two: (Em)body, Nevena Martinović
The Honey Gatherers, Rachel M. Friars
Unconscious, Mitchell Gunn
Three and a Half Magpies, Helen Steadman
Surrender, Marie Trotter
Poetry in Motion, George Turnbull

Chapter Three: Wounds, Rachel M Friars
My First Wrench, Andrew W. French
Lament of a Handyman, Andrew W. French
Measurements, Cameron Muir
Harvest, Helen Steadman

Chapter Four: The Unreal, Nikolai Rodrigues
The Dark Between the Trees, Rachel M. Friars
A Package for Mr. MacLuhan, Shawn Hamm
Haecceity, Kim Shortreed
Sunken, Holly Smith

Chapter Five: Jest, Kaitlyn Reid
E Pluribus Onesie, David Eso
How Many Devils Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?, Andrew W. French
Screens: Distance to Close, Zak Jones
Screens: The World is Worse Off Without National Geographic

The Lamp is based out of Queen's University in Kingston. More information on the journal can be found at www.lampjournal.com. PDF formats are available for those without e-readers or e-reader programs. Our books are DRM-free.


Buy Now$2.99 CAD or more

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